Dear colleagues,
As we look back at our history, we have achieved much, thanks to the unstinting efforts of our seniors, but a perpetual business enterprise has no option but to improve internally and to grow continuously and at rates faster than the competition and that too not merely on the home turf, but globally. Big challenge; surely, but we are not faint of heart to let such a challenge go unchallenged.
Energy demand in India will grow at a much faster rate than the global projection. In the absence of any break-through in the transportation sector, the energy supply basket will continue to be fed predominantly by Oil and Gas. To meet this booming Oil and Gas demand, structured initiatives by companies like us need to be put in place.
In domestic space, expeditious reserves replacement is our first priority. We need to take concerted efforts to achieve this. We have already initiated strategic partnerships with global leaders in this sphere specially from RUSSIA.
Overseas, we have to continue with acquisitions, by making the best use of funds. While our priority areas are in ASEAN, South East Asia, Africa and Central Asia, we are exploring each possibility to grow inorganically in the global E&P turf.
SOLIEL POWER & ENERGY is also well poised for capacity expansion . I would like to thank my colleagues on the Board and senior colleagues in Assets for their continued support. When facing various challenges.
Dear colleagues, I thank you again personally and on behalf of my colleagues on the Board for believing in yourself and in your ability to deliver results. It is this belief in self that has taken us to where we stand today.
Captain Rajeev Nandi